Email Migration - Google Help

Google Tips and Tricks

Spreadsheet of Links and Tips compiled by Sara Bremer

On May 10, 2021, Hastings Public Schools transitioned to using Gmail and Google exclusively for its email and calendar platform.

  • Student and Staff Google/Gmail login switched from to
  • To log in to your new account visit
  • All staff will use their Gmail account to send and receive email and schedule calendar dates.
  • Staff discontinued active use of Outlook ( accounts. Note that staff will retain view only access to their old Outlook account through at least the end of the school year.
  • All email sent to your email will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account. Email sent to your email address will also be received in your account.
  • Other account logins will not change until summer.  For example: If you currently log into Schoology using your or email address, you will continue logging in the same way. Logins to other systems will be updated over the summer to the new email addresses.
  • Consider adding a sentence at the bottom of any current emails you send letting others know that your email address is changing. For example: "We are in the process of changing our email addresses - please update my contact information to use my new email address [email protected].