Strategic Plan

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Hastings Public Schools
Bridge to Learning
Strategic Planning Process


The Bridge to Learning Strategic Planning process will help the district identify what’s working well, what needs improvement, and how to provide the kinds of experiences our students need and want on their educational journey with Hastings Public Schools. When the planning process is complete next fall, we will have a clear and unified vision of why the district exists and how to behave to bring about our desired outcomes and our core values. The process and the results will touch every level of our district, from the classroom to the board room.
Classroom to Board Room Improvement Process
  • Assessing Our Reality
    • Storywall
    • Environmental Scan

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  • Describing Our Vision
    • Desired Daily Experience
    • Vision Card
  • Setting Our Strategic Plan
    • 3-Year Operational Plan
    • School Improvement Plans
    • 3-Year Board Agenda
The Strategic Planning process is being coordinated by TeamWorks, International, a respected Minnesota firm that helps school districts with educational leadership, planning, and decision-making.