ALC Lunch


 The ALC offers students to order lunch Monday – Friday.  Monday and Wednesday, students can order hot lunch and/or cold lunch.  On Tuesday and Thursday students can order only cold lunch and on Friday - students can order a bagged cold lunch to take with them at 12:10 pm.

Optional:  Students can order one extra entree' Monday – Friday.  An extra entree' is the main course of the meal.  (ex.  spaghetti is being served so an extra entree would be another serving of spaghetti - but no extra milk or the additional side dishes)   

If a student receives free lunch, the student can still order a second entree'; however, he/she must pay for this lunch at the cost of the 2nd entree' price.

Students may order an extra chocolate or white milk with their lunch and it will cost $0.50.  

No lunches will be ordered if a student is at a negative balance or if by ordering a lunch will put the student at a negative balance.

Please refer to the Lunch Costs Below:

1st Lunch Cost  (2018-19 Prices Below)

Hot Lunch                     $3.00
Cold Lunch                   $3.00
Extra Milk                     $0.50

 2nd Extra Main Course Entree' Only Cost  (2018-19) $2.65