Items for sale

Items for Sale
Posted on 05/20/2021


Items for Sale

Lockerbie Model k Potter's Wheel
Model K has been on the market since the mid 60's and can be found in schools, colleges, and institutions throughout the world. The solid construction of heavy-duty welded steel pipe, a large table area providing space for a water bucket, tools, bats, and clay makes this wheel a durable natural for the classroom or the professional potter. The splash pan is included with your initial purchase and a 5 year limited warranty lets you know Laguna is confident in the quality of this product.

Shipping Weight: 272.00 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions: 40" x 48" x 36"

Features of Lockerbie Kick Wheels:

  • Overall Size: 36" x 42" x 30"
  • Frame: Steel pipe and angle iron, welded into a rigid tripod unit. The edge of the flywheel is completely shielded by heavy steel bands. Finished in light gray enamel.
  • Flywheel: Reinforced concrete flywheel with a textured surface to provide positive traction for kicking. 27.5" diameter and 89 pounds
  • Work Table: Made of heavy gauge aluminum and reinforced to support up to 200 lbs. Large enough to hold bucket, clay and tools.
  • Bearings: Chosen for smooth operation. Under the flywheel is a tapered, roller bearing protected by a 3" shield.
  • Seat: Made from red oak.
  • Splash Pan: Included on both models.
  • Wheelhead: 13" diameter.
This wheel does have the optional motor but when it was replaced, the wrong model was ordered and this one doesn't hold the rubber drive disk as it should.  Buyer may be able to modify the motor, replace the motor or use as a kick wheel as it is originally sold. 


Cost: $500.00

DEADLINE 01/08/2024

All sealed bids can be sent via mail to Tammy Ludwig at:
Hastings Public Schools
Attn: Tammy Ludwig
1000 11th St W
Hastings, MN 55033
Or via email at [email protected]

Please note that buyers are responsible for pick up and any shipping costs if applicable.

If you have any questions please reach out to Tammy Ludwig at [email protected].