Building Directory

Director of Buildings and Maintenance Cameron Peterson  1-641-590-6408
Grounds Supervisor Steve Yanz 651-304-0398
Administrative Assistant Andrea Seleski 651-480-7050

Hastings High School
Maintenance Specialist  Hailen Tessier-Morse 651-417-7420
Day Lead Custodian Jamie Clark 651-775-1919
Night Lead Custodian Patty Ganrud 651-775-1919
Hastings Middle School  
Maintenance Specialist  Phil Druszczak 1-715-497-9754
Day Lead Custodian  Dan Clarke 651-775-2026
Night Lead Custodian
Truck Driver/Deliveries  Jon McTague 651-354-2593
Kennedy Elementary  
Day Lead Custodian Dave Clark 651-706-0289
Night Custodian  Travis Knutson 651-775-9797
McAuliffe Elementary   
Day Lead Custodian  Tom Knoll 651-775-9726
Night Custodian  Bruce Kummer 651-775-9726
Night Custodian Andrew Behnke 651-775-9726
Pinecrest Elementary   
Day Lead Custodian Dan Reinardy 651-775-9785
Night Custodian  Jeremy Borner 651-775-9785
Day Custodian  Curtis Latch 651-775-9847
Elementary Maintenance Specialist     
 All Elementary Buildings Brent Anderson 651-325-6202