Email Migration

Beginning in spring 2021, Hastings Public Schools will transition to using Gmail and Google exclusively for its email and calendar platform.

We encourage you to share your new email address with your regular contacts as soon as possible, however, it is important to remember that email sent to your old email or your email will be automatically forwarded to your new address so you never have to worry about missing an important message.

Go to

Intro to ISD200 Gmail (7 minutes)
Composing an Email Message (7 minutes)
Reply to and Forward Messages (3 minutes)
Gmail Inbox Overview (18 minutes)

Gmail Advanced Settings (14 minutes)

GO LIVE DATE  (May 10, 2021 - 3:00pm)
  • Student and Staff Google/Gmail login will switch from to
  • Staff will no longer receive incoming email to their Outlook ( account and will no longer be able to send messages from their Outlook account.  All outgoing and incoming email will be sent and received exclusively through Gmail accounts. Note that staff will retain view only access to their old Outlook account through at least the end of the school year.
  • All staff will use their gmail account to send and receive email and schedule calendar dates.
  • All email sent to your email will be automatically forwarded to your gmail account. Email sent to your email address will also be received in your account.
  • If you receive email on your phone or mobile device, you'll need to re-enter your login using your new account. You may also need to download the Gmail app.
  • All remaining content from your Outlook email will be migrated over to your Gmail account.
  • Other account logins will not change until summer.  For example: If you currently log into Schoology using your or email address, you will continue logging in the same way. Logins to other systems will be updated over the summer to the new email addresses.
  • Be sure that you know how to access your gmail account - You will log into gmail using your username for now and then beginning at 3pm on May 10th, you'll log in using your username. The password will not change.
  • If you aren't comfortable using Gmail, watch the training videos above to become familiar with Gmail.
  • Consider adding a sentence at the bottom of any current emails you send letting others know that your email address is changing. For example: "We are in the process of changing our email addresses - please update my contact information to use my new email address"
  • Verify that you see your migrated emails in your Gmail account. These will show up in a new folder/label titled **Migrated From Outlook**. Keep in mind that initially you'll only see historical emails there through late March or so and then your most recent Outlook content will migrated over on the Go Live date of May 10.  Below is a sample picture of what your folders will look like in Gmail although the specific sub-folders/labels that you see under the **Migrated from Outlook** label will match the  specific folders/labels that you have created in your individual Outlook account. Important: Please do NOT modify or update the migrated folders/labels or any content inside them in gmail until after May 10th when the migration process is fully completed.


Q: My Migrated folder only shows emails up to March 29th. Where are my newer emails?
A: The Migrated folder contains your historical emails up to March 29th. Once we switch over to Gmail on May 10th at 3pm all your email since the 29th will show up in your Gmail inbox.

Q: I'm logged into my HastingsApps email but don't see any of my Outlook emails.
A: You won't see new emails in your inbox until 3pm on May 10th when we begin forwarding your emails.

Q: What will my email address be at 3pm May 10th?
A: Your email address will be Any email sent to your or address will arrive in your account.

Q: Can I continue to use Outlook after May 10th?
A: You will still be able to open Outlook if you need to find something but new emails will not show up.