ALC Rules and Expectations

 We expect our students to treat teachers, adults, classmates, peers, family members, and others with respect.


  • Attend the ALC on a regular basis (Attendance counts!!)
  • Be on time for class
  • Use class time effectively
  • Show respect to everyone – both verbally and physically
  • Help make the ALC a safe and supportive environment


Students must attend the ALC on a daily basis. Work units are earned and accumulated each day class meets. Students and their parents or guardians are responsible for daily attendance. Attendance is expected at a 90% level or greater each quarter. Extensive absences may result in the student being withdrawn from the ALC program.

No sleeping in class.

If a student is sleeping in class they will be sent home and it will count as an absence.

Absence Procedures

Parents or guardians are to contact the ALC office at 651-480-7690 any morning their student is unable to attend school. All absence should be reported prior to or on the day of the absence.

All absences counts as absences

Absences and incidents of tardiness whether excused or unexcused will be added to absence count. Truancy will be filed when any student under the age of 18 accumulates 7 or more unexcused absences.


Students must arrive on time each day. Tardiness will accumulate into absences as follows:

  • 1-20 minutes late = 1 tardy
  • 20 + minutes late = 1/2 day absent
  • 4 times tardy (20 minutes or less)= 1 absence


    When a student is tardy they will not be allowed in class and will lose points for that day. Students are allowed 4 incidents of tardiness per class per quarter. After 5 incidents of tardiness to one class, the student will be removed from the class.


    The ALC's curriculum is based on Hastings High School's graduation requirements and offers courses that are needed to achieve this goal. Classroom instruction recognizes individual skill levels and learning styles.

    Subjects offered through the ALC include: English, social studies, science, mathematics, health and various elective classes. Physical education requirements can be earned through our Independent Study program.

    Students attending the ALC are also eligible to take courses at Hastings High School, Dakota County Technical College and other Post-Secondary options. Enrollment in these programs will be based upon student needs, availability, and scheduling.

    Under the Minnesota Graduation Standards rule, every student must pass MCA examinations in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing before graduating from high school. The ALC works towards every student possessing the skills to pass these exams.

    Credits and Graduation

    Hastings Area Learning Center offers both seat time and independent study programs. Credits toward graduation are earned through satisfactory performance, achievement and attendance. Upon completion of these requirements students will earn a diploma from Hastings Senior High School.

    Calendar and School Closings

    Hastings ALC will follow the same school calendar as Hastings Senior High School. There may be an occasional time or day in which the ALC calendar may differ from the high school calendar due to specific circumstances. Parents and students will be notified of all changes when necessary. The ALC will also close when Hastings Senior High School closes due to inclement weather.

    Student Dress Code

    The ALC adheres to the same dress code as Hastings High School. Students are expected to use common sense concerning their attire. State health regulations require that footwear (shoes, boots or sandals) be worn at all times. Any clothing which causes disruption to the normal learning process or which constitutes a health or safety hazard is not permitted.

    Students will not be allowed to wear clothing deemed inappropriate by the ALC staff. Clothing depicting emblems, designs, or messages which promote violence, chemical or alcohol use, sexual activity, or hatred of any kind is unacceptable. Clothing must cover the midriff and no undergarments may displayed or visible. NO SAGGING. Headphones and sunglasses are not to be worn in the classroom. Hats, bandannas, head wear and chains are prohibited.

    Disciplinary Guidelines

    The Hastings Area Learning Center is committed to providing a safe environment for all students and employees. School staff will confront students who display inappropriate behavior. Each student is responsible for his or her own behavior and must accept consequences for behavioral violations in a respectful and cooperative manner. Harsher disciplinary actions will take place if responding behavior is inappropriate.

    Computer Use

    Computer and Internet access are privileges, not rights. Inappropriate use of either may result in loss of privileges and disciplinary action. Students must sign a computer use agreement form upon enrollment.

    Student access to computers or the Internet will be for instructional purposes only and will be supervised by staff.


    Consequences for violating Computer/Internet Use Agreement

    Violation of any computer policies will result in a warning or removal of computer and Internet privileges for the remainder of the school year. Suspension may also be assigned depending upon the severity of the offense. Parents will be notified of any removal or suspension.


    One HUGE misconception that students have is that rewriting something is not plagiarism, because they are “putting it in their own words.” However, if the source is not officially acknowledged, IT IS PLAGIARISM. Copying and pasting accounts for only a small percentage of plagiarism. The majority of plagiarism is a result of text manipulation. The accessibility of the Internet makes plagiarism very tempting, and unintentional plagiarism springs from this as well. Simply stated, plagiarism is using someone’s work without giving the appropriate credit.

    At the Hastings ALC, plagiarism is not tolerated. All students will be given instruction on proper methods of writing in order to avoid plagiarizing. Any student found to have plagiarized will lose course credit. Students must sign a plagiarism agreement upon enrollment.


    State law prohibits the use of tobacco products, lighters, matches, etc. by students or adults on all school property. Students may be randomly checked for tobacco, lighters, matches, etc.

    Alcohol and Drug Use

    No student who is in attendance at school, school activities, or on school property shall use, consume, possess, buy, sell, or give away alcoholic beverages, marijuana, pills or mood altering chemicals defined under law as a drug. Police will be notified of any alcohol or drug related offense.

    Dangerous, Illegal, Nuisance and Offensive Items

    Any items which are illegal or which would be considered dangerous or a nuisance are prohibited at school, school activities, school property, and on school buses. Examples of such items are: explosive devices or fireworks of any type, weapons of any kind, water pistols and offensive printed materials. Such articles will be confiscated and disciplinary action will result. In case of illegal items, police will be notified.

    Cell phones, pagers, recording and listening devices  are not to be used by students during the school day. Students must turn in any such item to the front desk upon daily arrival.

    Hastings ALC assumes no responsibility for finding or protecting items which should not be in the school according to this policy. Nuisance items and materials will be confiscated and returned only to parents or guardians.


    Fighting (aggressive physical contact between two or more individuals) is not an acceptable means of settling differences. Participants in fights face suspension or expulsion and will be legally charged.


    Students attending the Hastings ALC should understand that there is a limited expectation of privacy. Personal items, as well as vehicles, may be searched when school officials have reasonable suspicion that the search may uncover a violation of law or school rules. Police dogs are also used at the ALC and in the parking lot.


    Harassment and Violence

    Everyone at the ALC and District 200 has the right to feel respected and safe. If any words or actions make you feel uncomfortable or fearful, you need to tell a an ALC staff member. You may also submit a written report. The School District will also take action if anyone tries to intimidate you or harm you because you have made a report.

    Harassment may include the following when related to religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender: name calling, jokes or rumors; pulling on clothing; graffiti; notes or cartoons; unwelcome touching of a person or clothing; offensive or graphic posters or book covers; or any words or actions that make you feel uncomfortable, embarrass you, hurt your feelings or make you feel bad.

    Illegal Acts

    Any student engaged in actions which are illegal under local, state or federal law (e.g. with fire arms or extinguishers, theft, etc.) will be referred to the proper law enforcement authorities. In addition, the ALC and District 200 will take disciplinary when needed.


    No student or non-student, including adults and visitors will possess, use, or distribute a weapon within the school or on school property. The school district will act to enforce this policy, discipline, or take appropriate action against any student, teacher, administrator, school employee, volunteer, or member of the public who violates this policy.

    Possession refers to having a weapon on one’s person or in an area subject to one’s control, on any school property, or at any school activities.

    Weapon means any object, device, or instrument designed as a weapon or that through its use is capable of threatening, producing bodily harm or death. Examples of weapons include,but are not limited to:

  • any firearm (loaded or unloaded)
  • throwing stars
  • pellet guns
  • explosives
  • nunchucks
  • knives
  • flammables
  • stun guns
  • clubs
  • matches
  • ammunition
  • knuckles
  • lighters
  • stun guns
  • mace or propellants
  • non-functioning guns or look-alike guns that could be used to threaten others
  • articles designed for other purposes (laser pointers, belts, combs, pencils, files, scissors, etc.) that may be used to inflict bodily harm or intimidate. Use of such items will be treated as the possession and use of a weapon.

    A student who finds or discovers a weapon on the way to school, in a school building, or on school property and immediately takes the weapon to the ALC Director will not be considered in possession of the weapon.

    All students in the School District #200 ALC, are subject to the discipline policies stated in this handbook. Applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and rules regarding students with disabilities will be adhered to in the enforcement of these policies.