School Safety

School Safety
School Safety

School Safety In 2018
The fact that our nation has experienced yet another school shooting is a reality that makes all of us question, “Are we safe anywhere in America?”  Our community, and every community across the nation, wants and expects schools to be a safe place to drop off our most precious resource –  our children.  

The Hastings School District has taken great strides to make sure our schools are safe and our students are connected and know we care about them.   We have implemented system wide security measures at all of our building sites, but more importantly we make a concentrated effort to connect our students to; another student, a staff member, or an affiliation with an organization, activity or athletic team.  When a student feels isolated, and disconnected, there is a greater chance for a violent act to occur on school grounds.

District Wide Safety Procedures:

Card Access System - Allows us to lock down all doors remotely.  It also notifies staff and law enforcement in the event that a lockdown is initiate.

ALICE Training - Provides our staff and students with the knowledge base of how to best protect themselves in the event of a violent intruder.

Raptor Visitor Screening System - All visitors must have their state issued id scanned upon entering the building.

District wide surveillance cameras

Background checks required for employees and vendors

School Resource Officer

Employee are required to wear District ID badges.

Homeland Security Audit - In 2018 we invited Homeland Security to walk our buildings with us and review our crisis plans.

Redesigned School Entrances -  Controlled entrance poisnts at most of our sites  require visitors to enter through a main office or past an adult supervisor and be logged into the building.

Safety Drills - We practice a variety of violent intruder situations with our students and staff.

TIP411 – An anonymous tip line that students, staff or parents can access.

Walkie Talkies - Are carried by administrators and all staff going outside.

Upgraded glass in several key areas – We have placed a protective covering so that glass would not immediately shatter when struck by a blunt object or bullet.

Alert System at the middle school - Pull stations in several hallways at the middle school so that students and staff can quickly alert the entire building if there is a violent intruder.  Activation will lock the building down, notify staff via email and initiate amber lights blinking both inside the building an on the exterior of the building, signifying the building is in lockdown.

Enhanced Security – Dollars from the 2017 Bond vote have been allocated to enhance security district wide including: more cameras, upgrade classroom doors at several sites, upgrade more areas of glass, install an alert system at our high school site, install interior door locking system for a 2nd layer of door protection, and redesign a safety entrance at Tilden.

Mental Health Resources:

Canvas Health Therapists - We have full-time mental health professionals at both our high school and middle school sites provided by an outside vendor. (Canvas Health)

Sternau and Associates -  This psychology firm has been working with the Hastings School District for approximately 30 years now.  Sternau and Associates provide mental health to our employees, students and families.

360 Community Social Workers - The district hires two social workers, from 360 Communities, who work with students at school and also assist families in their homes.

TAP Therapist

7 school counselors – 3 school social workers – 4 school psychologists

Access to Dakota County Resources

In addition, there are a wide range of programs and initiatives to help educate and connect students across the district, here is just a sampling:

10th grade Depression Screening
Climb Theatre
Respect Retreat
Peer Helpers
Link Crew
Promise Fellows
Responsive Classroom
Freshman Orientation 
Helping Kids Succeed
Empower Me
Webs of Support
Middle School Lunch Bunch
Healthy Decisions Making 
Summer Wedge 
IEP teams
Student Impact Program
Service Learning Program
Athletic, Academic and Fine Arts programs 
Native American Liaison 
8th grade Signs of Suicide Screening
Positive Behavior Interventions