College and Career Readiness 2018

District 200 created a survey for seniors to reflect on their experience with our system and asked a series of questions related to our defined “college and career readiness” indicators.  In each of the questions, no fewer than 90% of respondents responded positively.  Of the 249 students who completed the survey, here’s the disaggregated data:

1: I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of course options intended to spark my interest. 97.6% agree or somewhat agree

2: I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of course options that appropriately challenged me. 98.4% agree or somewhat agree

3: My coursework challenged me to think and apply concepts to complex situations.  97.4% Agree or somewhat agree

4: My coursework was up-to-date and meaningful for my future.  87.2% Agree or somewhat agree

5: I had access to real-life practitioners, speakers, internships and/or career exploration.  71.2% Agree or somewhat agree

6: We had students – using a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree) - rate the following: Throughout my k-12 education, I had the opportunity to learn, develop and practice the following skills and habits:

  • Flexibility of thinking – average score 3.8
  • Confidence in my success– average score 3.8
  • Organizational skills– average score 3.9
  • Problem-solving skills– average score 4.1
  • Persistence– average score 4.0
  • Curiosity– average score 3.8
  • Resilience– average score 3.9
  • Collaboration– average score 3.9
  • Time management– average score 3.6
  • Reliability– average score 4.1
  • Communication– average score 3.9
  • Adaptability– average score 4.0
  • Desire to be a lifelong learner– average score 3.8

7: I was encouraged to balance school and outside-of-school responsibilities.  81.6% Agree or somewhat agree

8: I had the opportunity to understand how I fit in a global society.  77.6% Agree or somewhat agree