Commitment to Equity:

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 and subsequent events were a clear reminder that systemic racism is a potent, negative and divisive force that affects all of us, including our students. Our call as a school district is to be anti-racist and equity focused. We must ensure that all our students feel welcome and supported, and that the burden of pushing back on systemic racism does not fall primarily onto the shoulders of our students of color.  While Hastings staff have engaged in various individual and group efforts over time, there has not been a comprehensive response to issues of equity and systemic racism. Starting summer 2020, the district has engaged in a more cohesive and systemwide approach.

Action steps:

  • Summer 2020: 
  • About 85 staff members chose to participate in one of several book clubs to discuss equitable practices in our classrooms, schools, and systems as we think about our role in addressing systemic racism. 
  • Resources were shared with staff for use with students and families to help with conversations and classroom activities.
  • Oct 2020:  Created a districtwide 23-member Equity Action Planning Team with representatives from each building. Their charge is to collectively design, deliver, and be champions of anti-racist actions and systems to actively provide a safe and supportive place for our current and future students to learn. This collaborative group is working towards an anti-racist system and experience for current and future students. 

What’s next?
We are all on our own journey with this topic and move at different speeds in our learning and development. We need to honor where everyone is in their journey, but also recognize that “opting out” is not an option. Please access the information and opportunities in the links below to support you as you engage, learn and grow alongside your ISD 200 colleagues!

Contact Jenn Reichel, Director of Teaching and Learning  (jreichel@hastings.k12.mn.us; 651-480-7011) or Gabe Moreno, Equity Coordinator  (gmoreno@hastings.k12.mn.us; 651-480-7482).

Equity Team Members

Equity Team Updates:

Additional Resources: