Expenditures Per Student (ADM) Served

Expenditures per Student
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The table shows comparative data from the Department of Children, Families, and Learning for all expenditures incurred for the benefit of pre-elementary through secondary education, excluding capital outlay, community service, building construction, and debt service expenditures.


Expenditures patterns also vary from district to district for various reasons. For example, one district may pay tuition to a cooperative that provides vocational or special education services for its students, while another may serve those students within the district, or even act as a host for other districts and receive tuition. Other factors affecting the comparison include the growth cycle or maturity of the district, average employee experience, availability of funding, population density, and even methods of allocating costs.

As the table reflects, Hastings Public Schools has traditionally expended less per ADM on general operating costs than either the statewide or the seven-county metro area averages.


The financial position of Minnesota school districts has fluctuated significantly over the past several years due to a number of factors, including those discussed above. This situation creates both a challenge and an opportunity to provide the best education with the limited resources available in a climate of unknown future funding levels.