Special Education Advisory Council


District 200 has a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) to increase the involvement of parents whose children have disabilities in department activities. The SEAC is required to meet a minimum of one time per year, but may meet more frequently. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the SEAC should contact Dave Haveman, Director of Special Services at 651-480-7009 or dhaveman@hastings.k12.mn.us

Special Services Mission Statement: To promote independence for children and youth with disabilities across environments. 

SEAC Members

Jackie Bauer Parent  
Christine Baum #200 Special Services Teacher  
Dave Haveman Director of Special Services  
Chris Call Parent  
Amy Berge Assistant Director of Special Services  
Darrell Pipo #200 Special Services Teacher  
Matt Esterby #200 Principal McAuliffe Elementary School  
Jeremy Sorenson Parent, Principal in another school district  
Laurie Thrush Community Education Disability Services  
Stasia Fetter Vocational Rehabilitation Services Counselor  
Kaiya Witt Parent