Employee Assistance

The district’s Employee Assistant Program is with Sternau & Associates.  They can be contacted at 612-338-5267.


An additional benefit to employees covered by the district’s LTD plan is The Standard’s Employee Assistance Program provided by Morneau Shepell.  The service provides up to three face-to-face counseling sessions (per occurrence).

 The program offers a range of services available by telephone or in person to help employees and their household members. The services provided range from work life services, legal and financial counseling to face-to-face assessment and counseling sessions. These services are designed to prepare employees to face workplace challenges and to steer them toward success.

 Individual EAP face-to-face counseling services are not provided to dependent children under the age of 12. If a child under the age of 12 needs counseling assistance, the vendor will help coordinate a referral to a counselor in the covered employee's health insurance network. The reason for this is that EAP is a more general service and the counseling network is not comprised of specialists skilled in pediatric counseling.