Eligibility Procedures

The following procedures are used by Hastings Schools to determine student eligibility for the English Learner program.

1.  A student is identified as a potential EL by the Minnesota Language Survey and/or teacher referral.

2.  The student's English language proficiency is assessed using the W-APT and other appropriate measures.

3.  The EL teacher meets with the student and family.

4.  The EL teacher determines if the student is eligible for EL services.

5.  The student's parents are notified of the results and that the student is eligible for EL services. The parents have the right to refuse EL services.

6.  The EL student receives language support in reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to succeed in all mainstream content classes.

7.  The student is exited from EL services based upon his/her performance on standardized tests, teacher evaluations, and feedback from the parent(s) and student.