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Special Education Advisory Committee
Special Education Advisory Committee

District 200 has a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) to increase the involvement of parents whose children have disabilities in department activities.  The SEAC is required to meet a minimum of one time per year, but may meet more frequently.  Anyone interested in becoming a member of the SEAC should contact Dave Haveman, Director of Special Services at 651-480-7009 or dhaveman@hastings.k12.mn.us

Special Services Mission Statement:  To promote independence for children and youth with disabilities across environments. 

SEAC Members

Jackie Bauer          Parent

Christine Baum       #200 Special Services Teacher

Dave Haveman        Director of Special Services

Chris Call               Parent

Amy Berge              Assistant Director of Special Services
Darrell Pipo             #200 Special Services Teacher
Matt Esterby           #200 Principal McAuliffe Elementary School

Jeremy Sorenson     Parent, Principal in another school district

Laurie Thrush          Community Education Disability Services

Stasia Fetter           Vocational Rehabilitation Services Counselor

Kaiya Witt               Parent  

 Super Advocate Nomination Form 2017