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This year, our secondary schools have launched a new pilot initiative called Hastings Apps.  By leveraging the power of Google’s online, tools, Hastings Apps gives all 6-12 students access to a robust and secure platform for collaboration with their teachers and other students.  Specifically, Hastings Apps includes tools for email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.  In this way it functions like an online version of Microsoft Office®.  It is important that our students practice using these tools to better prepare them for expectations of post secondary institutions and the “real world”.

The technology team has carefully configured the system to maximize its use while preserving a secure online environment for students.  All emails are scanned for potentially malicious content.  As with other technology systems, the best defense is effective supervision of students while they use technology and education for students about safe online practices.  Hastings Apps provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss digital citizenship with our students and provides them with an opportunity to begin developing their “professional” digital footprint.

Teachers have identified many creative uses for Hastings Apps and will be implementing these into their specific courses over the course of the year.  Based on the success of these initiatives we will be evaluating moving this pilot study into a full implementation later in the year. 

Some of the activities will include:

  • Students creating and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Students submitting homework electronically (reducing paper and printing consumption)
  • Teachers interacting with students electronically commenting directly on student work

Teachers and other leaders in ISD 200 are constantly looking for new tools to make teaching and learning more effective.  The feedback about Hastings Apps so far suggests that we are on the right track.