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Over the years, Hastings Area Public Schools has been using technology to improve methods of communication between the school and home as well as between the parent and child.  Beginning in the summer of 2016, Hastings Public Schools will be implementing Campus Portal.  Campus Portal replaces SchoolView and provides the opportunity to go online and monitor information about your student. 

Some of the current features of Campus Portal include Grades, Attendance, Discipline, Emergency Contacts, Health Information, Student Schedule, Registration, Test History and Transcript (please note this may vary by site).  By using Campus Portal you can stay up to date with your child’s information and academic progress.  When using Campus Portal you are literally looking at real-time data regarding your child. This is an extremely secure system, and each parent/guardian is only allowed to view his or her child’s information.  Teachers will regularly update student’s academic progress (please note that teachers may elect to temporally not publish grades when updating their GradeBooks).

All secondary students have access to an individual Campus Portal Account.  A student account is different from a parent/guardian account in the fact that the data that a student sees is limited to his/her own information (no sibling information appears).  While using a school computer, we advocate that a student uses his/her student Campus Portal account and not a family account to assure data privacy.